Maternity and Baby Books

I’m just starting out in the baby world so most of these come as recommendations from others.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth

Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony
Everyday Talk by John Yount

Small Beginnings

by Barbara Curtis
While playing, doodling, and just being a kid, your children can also be practicing muscle control, concentration, orderliness and other basics that will help you encourage a toddlers’ natural love of learning.

Creative Family Times

by Allen & Connie Hadidian, Will & Lindy Wilson
Practical ides for building character in your preschool children in three main areas:  obedience, spiritual growth and family unity.

On Becoming Babywise

by Gary Ezzo &Robert Bucknam
The principles presented will help parents develop a plan that meets both the needs of a new baby and of the entire family.

Preparation for Parenting

by Gary and Ann Marie Ezzo
The same principles from On Becoming Babywise but more fleshed out with a biblical framework.


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