>Changing Table is Done


You’ve probably seen the changing table makeover a few times but I realized that I never made an official before and after post about it.

 In case you forgot, I scored this dresser on Craig’s List for $40.00. It started out like this…
Then looked like this…

 Then started to look like this…
 And turned out like this!!
 I lined the drawers with fun scrapbook paper. To see details on how I did it, visit this post.
I love love love the way it turned out. 

>Drawer Organzier


If you’ve been to any type of garage sale or secondhand store, you’ll see these cheapo, plastic drawer organizers. Don’t pass them up too fast though. With a little TLC, you can make them pretty dang cute!
All you need is a little Mod Podge and some scrapbook paper.
Flip the organizer over and brush a light coat of Mod Podge on the bottom of it. Then, place the paper face down and give it a good coat of Mod Podge.
 After it dries, flip it over and you should have something like this!
 Oh-so-super easy and cheap.
Ours is being used in our “catch-all” drawer in our kitchen.

>Dinky Dresser Do-Over


Snagged this little guy at an estate sale for $20 last weekend!
It doesn’t have a great first impression, does it? 
I thought the size and shape of it was awesome. 
I can see why it only cost $20 though. 🙂
 To start its makeover, I gave it a major sanding. I should have taken off the handles before that but I was kind of in a rush and sanded around them.
I swung by Lowes and picked up two samples of a green paint I liked. (Sorry, didn’t write down the name of the color). This was MORE than enough for two coats. AND they are only around $2.50 each!
 Here’s my little beauty after one coat of paint.
After another coat and letting it dry for a few hours, I used my good ol’ glazing technique. I explained it in my $8.00 chair makeover if you want more explanation.
 Basically, I wiped on the glaze, let it settle into all the nooks and crannies and then wiped off all the extra I didn’t want on the piece of furniture.
See how those cracks are accented a bit more now? I’m a big fan of glazing furniture with character.  
 Since the dresser already had tons of, shall we call it, “character” I decided not to fight it and just go with it. With that in mind, I sanded down the edges to give it a worn/aged look.
 Another creative touch I did to this piece was add fabric drawer liners. This was super easy. 
I measured out the bottom of each drawer. I then cut 5 pieces of this fabric and simply adhered to the bottom of the drawer using this spray adhesive. 
It was SO much easier than Mod Podging. I wish I would have done it with our changing table
 As you can see, by this point I had put the knobs back on.
I had planned on getting new knobs but since I was going with a worn/aged look I realized that the original ones looked great on it. (And they were free!)
 It goes perfectly by our front door AND has storage for all of our winter gear that has been previously shoved in the closet.

>Mirror Transformation X 2


 So here’s the story on this mirror.
It was originally my grandma’s mirror that was close to being thrown out before I snatched it up a few years ago. It’s traveled around with me from apartment to apartment. Its original color is this faded gold that I wasn’t crazy about.
 A while back, I gave it a makeover and used it in our guest bathroom. I was never crazy about it there but didn’t want to fork over the money to get a different mirror.
 Well, I did some swapping around and found a replacement mirror for the bathroom, leaving this little beauty in need of another makeover-especially if it is going to be used in the nursery.
 I taped up the edges and covered the mirror with a trash bag so I wouldn’t get spray paint on it.
 With a little TLC, some aqua spray paint (which I already had on hand) and few hours later, it looked like this!
Doesn’t it look great above the changing table?!
 A little close up on the details.
 The nursery is slowly coming together! (Notice how Sophie has taken a liking to the glider…)

>DIY Window Cornice/Valence


The nursery is progressing at a slow and steady pace. Just yesterday, I finished up these window cornices for the little one’s room. Isn’t the fabric fabulous! It was 40% off at JoAnns!
 These are super cheap and easy to make. AND it doesn’t involve any sewing.
Do I have your attention??
Continue on if you’re interested in how to make these bad boys.
I had this left over insulation board from a few months back when I insulated our crawlspace holes. I think it’s around $10 at Lowes. One piece is more than enough for two windows. (The piece below has already been cut in half)
 I measured out my window and then drew out my measurements on the board I was going to cut.
My window width was 42 inches. I added 1.5 inches to each side make the cornice wider than the window. Here’s how all my measurements turned out:
1 piece 13×45 inches
1 piece 2×45 inches
2 pieces 2×13 inches
I started by hot-gluing the pieces together. I then realized that duct tape was a much faster and just as efficient.

 Here’s a shot of the cornice all duct taped together.
 I laid out some batting over the cornice. (You can find batting for pretty cheap at almost any fabric store). I didn’t do any exact measurements for this part- I simply eye balled it and cut the batting to where there was enough extra to wrap around to the back of the piece.
I did the same thing with the fabric. With the batting underneath the fabric, I got my staplegun out and went to work. Make sure to pull the fabric firm-not too tight. Then staple all around the edges to secure the batting and the fabric. I started with the top and bottom and left the sides for last.
 I discovered that the fabric wrapped around the ends better if I cut an opening for the sides.
 I just wrapped the ends like a present and stapled them in place.
 To hang these bad boys, I picked up a packet of “L brackets” and secured one to each side of the window.
 I then slipped my upholstered cornice on. Viola!

Sure beats buying expensive nursery curtains!

>Changing Table Progress Cont.


 My changing table is coming along quite nicely. 
Yesterday I lined the drawers with some fun scrapbook paper.
 I scoured through my existing supply of paper and picked these bad boys out.
 Unfortunately, the paper wasn’t big enough to reach all the way to the back of the drawer. So… I did a little improvising. I simply cut some thick white paper about an inch long and mod podged it to the back.
 After that dried, I proceeded to mod podge the rest of the scrapbook paper down. I like to use a sponge brush that I can just throw away after a big project like this.
 After I coated the drawer, I laid the paper that I previously measured to fit the drawer. I then painted another light coat of mod podge over the top. (See how that white strip in the back helps fill the gap?)
 Do that times 6 and you get this!
 I also did a little knob shopping today at Hobby Lobby- Thank you in-laws for the gift card!
(Not sure why this picture is making the dresser look smudgy and gross)
 Aren’t they cute! I figured they were perfect for a nursery and gender neutral too. Well… maybe they are a little “boyish.” My unconscious might be speaking through my decorating choices- who knows.
Here’s a reminder of where we started:

And where we are currently at:

I still have to install the handles to the other drawers and have Austin apply a coat of polyurethane to the wood. Other than that though, this changing table is pretty close to done!

>Changing Table Progress


 Remember my $45 dresser from Craig’s List? The one I plan to use as a changing table for our nursery?
 Well, today I finally got to get my hands dirty and start its makeover. Since I would be doing some sanding and painting, I geared up appropriately 🙂 What a geek, huh?!
 I started by removing all the hardware and sanding down the surfaces. I started with an 80 grit sand paper, wiped down the surfaces and finished with a 220 grit to smooth it out. (I made sure to sand in the direction of the grain of the wood)
 Thank you Daddio for the electric sander!!
Since I planned on staining the top of the dresser, I sanded off the entire top layer. Dust was flying everywhere!
 All sanded and ready to go… At this point I was completely covered in dust. It was a funny sight to see.
My next step was to prime the drawers and base of the dresser. I tried out the odorless version of my favorite spay primer. It was a bit different but seemed to work ok.
 I gave the drawers a quick spray and let them dry.
Before I primed the base of the dresser, I didn’t want any primer to get on the top so I taped down a trash bag to cover it up.
 Worked like a charm!
 Now came the staining…
I chose a stain called “Dark Walnut.”
 I gave it a thick coat, painting it on with the grain of the wood. I then let it sit for about 15 minutes to get the deepest color possible. After 15 minutes, I wiped it down with a rag to wipe off the excess stain that had not soaked up yet.
 Oops. Put it on a little too heavy on this side. Good thing I hadn’t painted yet.
 I then gave the drawers and base two coats of “Mosaic White” paint. After letting it all dry for a few hours, we moved it all back inside. 
I put it together to get an idea of what it will look like.
 I still plan to add fun handles/knobs, give the stained wood a layer of polyurethane, touch up some of the white paint and line the drawers with some colorful paper. 
Even though it’s far from done, it’s rewarding to see it moving in the right direction!
 More updates to come soon!