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>Name Suggestions?

>So far, the most common questions I get from people who find out we are pregnant are these:

1) When are you due?
2) Are you going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl? Which one do you want more?
3) Do you have any names picked out?

We can answer the first two questions pretty easily.
1) June 19th
2) Yes, on February 3rd actually. At this point we really don’t mind either one.
3) ?

My Co-workers at The Crossing must have known that choosing a name is a difficult task. In fact, they took the liberty to start a list of suggestions on my office door.

Which one if your personal favorite?


>Big Announcement!


Guess what world!?
I’m pregnant! We just had our 12 week appointment and despite me having the flu, Baby C proves to be resilient! Heartbeat is strong and everything looks great. I’ve actually been blogging about being pregnant quite a bit but just haven’t posted them. Below is the full story of the past 12 weeks.

Once upon a time…
Austin and I decide to go off the pill. I was under the assumption that it would take my body a while to get pregnant. Especially knowing it took my mom 8+ months. So I was prepared for a waiting game.
Finding Out We Were Pregnant
A few weeks after I had been pill free, I noticed a few odd things. I was having cramps, back aches, and some weird stomach stuff. Nothing extremely notable but I kinda knew something was going on. I told myself there was no way I could be pregnant this fast- NOR could I feel symptoms of it that fast. I went online to find out that pretty much ANYTHING is a sign of pregnancy. Especially cramps. Hmm.

I get a little antsy and take a pregnancy test two days before my period. It was negative. I wasn’t too surprised but a little disappointed. I really thought my body was telling me something.

Well October 12th comes and goes without any sign of Monthly Mary visiting. After being two days late, I’m super antsy to take another test. I come home with one and tell Austin I really want to take another one. He was a bit reluctant but he knows me well enough to know I am going to keep talking about it until I do it.

I take the test and see one line start to show up. (One line is negative, two means positive). I look away for a bit and look back to see a second line start to show up. I watch in awe as the second line becomes more and more bold. I grab the test, run to the room where Austin is, and show him. His response, “What does that mean??”

At this point, I’m shaking and laughing and simply sit down on the floor. I remember saying, “Holy crap. That happened so fast. Holy crap. One month Austin. That was so fast!”

We both were a little speechless. After collecting ourselves, we talked about who we would tell right off the bat. I also called and made a doctors appointment. They told me the baby would be due June 19th.

Since I can’t blog about all this publicly, I am still blogging about it but just not posting it quite yet. So below, you will find weekly updates up until we go public with the information.

Week 5
Baby is the size of an appleseed 

It’s starting to sink in more and more. We’ve told all of our close friends and family. It’s been fun to talk to people about it and be excited with others.
Physically, I’m for sure noticing changes. Two words have described the past couple of days: Tired and hungry!
The facts tell me that I only need 300 extra calories but my body is telling me way different. I also feel like I can’t get enough sleep. I hate feeling tired. But I guess this is something I’m going to have to get used to.

Random stuff:

  • I was super sad when I found out I couldn’t go snow skiing this winter.
  • I’ve been craving hot chocolate like I never have before too.
  • I went and checked out 3 books on pregnancy at the library. I had to dodge people I knew there because I didn’t want them to see what I was reading!
Week 6
Baby is the size of a sweet pea!

Every day is different. All last week, I was hungry. This week I’m feeling pretty queezy. No puking but not feeling great. I guess that’s to be expected. A few days ago, we had a little scare and had to make the visit to the doctor’s office. Took some tests (too early for an ultrasound to check on the wee-one). Tests confirm the baby is alive and well. Whew!
One thing that has been distinct this week is my extreme sensitivity to smells. One would think this would be a helpful, superheroish quality. Nope. It sucks. I smell everything more intensely- especially the not-so-pleasant smells. Let me give you some insight of what it’s like to have the nose of a hound dog. 
  • I can hardly be in the kitchen when meat is cooking.
  • I suddenly noticed how stinky Austin’s work shoes are by the door.
  • I can only wear certain lotions. Other ones give me a headache. 
  • Dog. All I smell is dog around our house. Especially the living room rug. I couldn’t even take a nap in there because all I smell is dog.
  • I had no idea how stinky my car actually was. I am convinced something is rotting under my seat. I even checked. Nothing. 
  • At lunch yesterday, I had to cover up my side of balsamic vinaigrette with my napkin because the smell was too intense.

A few other strange things:

  • I all of the sudden was really grossed out by my salad at lunch today. Bummer. I paid 5 bucks for that side salad and could only consume a third of it out of mere determination to get vegetables in my body.
  • Gum makes my stomach queezy. I’ve always been a gum addict but I don’t know if it’s the smell, taste, or constant flavor in my mouth but I simply can’t chew gum like I used to.

As time goes on, we are getting more and more excited. We already have some names in mind and I of course and scheming up nursery plans. A common question I get is, “How is Austin handling all of this?” Well, he’s actually doing quite well! Probably even a little better than I am. He’s excited and coping with my hormonal changes like a champ. Love that guy.

Week 7
Baby is a blueberry!
 This week has been a bit more rough than the past few. I’m in a constant stage of nausea. Not puking just feel sick all the time. It’s frustrating because nothing makes it better. No matter what I eat or don’t eat, I feel sick. No matter how much rest or exercise I get, I feel sick. Honestly, it’s a little depressing. It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning when I know I’m going to feel blah all day. Somehow I conjure up the energy to do it, put on my happy face and go about the day. 
Today was a big day. We had our first doctors appointment and ultrasound. Going into it, I didn’t know how to feel. Was everything going to be ok? What if there is more than one? Is it even in there? Well, it didn’t take the doctor long to find the little wee-one. It was amazing to see. I kept trying to comprehend what we were seeing on the screen. “That is our baby.” “That is in me.” “That’s it’s heartbeat!”
 I feel like I am finally letting myself get excited. My guard has been let down a bit and and moving forward in my emotional attachment of the precious little blob in the picture above.
Few things worth mentioning:
  • I smell dog everywhere. I could even smell the dog when it was under our bed at night. 
  • Nuts almost made me throw up today. I can’t imagine eating them right now….blah.
  • My default snack is Multigrain Cheerios. Good thing I got a double box from Sams. It’s one of the few things Baby C seems to accept willingly. 
  • Still no gum chewing. 
  • Austin and I decided we need to stop calling the baby a parasite. It’s not cultivating parental affections very well.
Week 8
I’ve got a raspberry in my uterus!

Well, maybe not a raspberry but a baby that resembles its size.
Week eight wasn’t too eventful. Same ol’ symptoms. Tired. Most food sounds gross. Some foods sound really good (string cheese, anyone?). I feel like I eat breakfast food all day long. I’m ok with that. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

Anyway, I did celebrate a birthday in the midst of week eight. Thus, beginning the slew of baby gifts coming our way. My family just can’t help themselves.
My sister made an adorable towel with a little hoodie. She also made 4 matching wash clothes.

Austin took the liberty of showing how it is supposed to be worn. Hopefully Baby C’s head is a bit smaller than his.

My mom bought me my first pair of maternity pants.
Austin was way freaked out by the high waist. Apparently he’s never seen a pair of maternity pants that weren’t being worn by a pregnant woman. Just for laughs, I tried them on later. They are actually super comfortable.
That’s all for now. See you next week!

Week 9
Baby C is the size of an olive!
(Almost an inch long now)
 An olive doesn’t seem that big, but it is making me feel huge. I seriously laughed out loud today when I saw how far I could stick my stomach out. I’ve never seen my body do that before. Needless to say, most of my pants are uncomfortable.  I haven’t washed any of my jeans this week because I don’t want them to shrink up again. That was until my mom took me maternity clothes shopping!
It was a huge surprise. I didn’t really think I needed them until I actually put on some maternity pants and felt the sweet relief of spandex around my waist. I guess I’m one of those lucky ladies who shows a bit early.
My mom spoiled me though. I walked out with 2 pairs of jeans, a pair of corduroys, and 4 tops. Oh, I forgot to mention the red top she made me get that states, “Tis the season to be pregnant.”
Can you tell she’s excited to be a grandma??

Overall, I’ve been feeling a bit better. I still have some funny food issues and sometimes it feels like I only got 5 hours of sleep when I really got 8 or 9. But compared to a few weeks ago, I’m a new woman. I’m so excited to tell everyone! We have our 12 week appointment on Dec 2nd. If everything is ok, soon after that we are telling the world!


  • Still no gum
  • Graham crackers and milk rock my world right now
  • It’s not really a craving but I can’t get enough cantaloupe 
  • Working on my first project for the nursery. (An owl decoration that I will post about later)
  • During the day, a nap is as necessary as food to me 
  • String cheese doesn’t sound good anymore
  • Still not exercising much. It just wipes me out too much. 
  • I did try out some prenatal yoga. It made me giggle. Especially when she said, “Imagine your baby enjoying the stretch as much as you are…”

Week 10 
Baby C is the size of a Prune

 Feeling better and better. Glad the worst is over. All in all, I think I skimmed by the first trimester pretty easily. The only time I get sick now is if I don’t eat within 3 or 4 hours. I’m kinda constantly snacking for the sake of feeling normal. Whatever works!
Baby C got to enjoy its first Thanksgiving…kinda. It didn’t seem too opposed to any of the food except for the smell of the stuffing.
There really isn’t that much to report.

Austin did make a suggestion that made me laugh really hard.
“Polly, you should take a picture of your stomach every day and then make one of those flip books!”
I didn’t want to laugh too hard at him because I wasn’t sure if he was serious or not. I’m still not sure, to be honest.
Anyway, just getting more and more excited to tell the world!

Week 11
Baby C is the size of a lime!

Wow. A lime! That’s legit.
This week is going to be an exciting one. Why, You may ask? Because on Thursday we have our doctors appointment. If all goes well, we will tell the world we are expecting! Most likely, this will be my last hidden post. Whew- the secret has been eating at me.
Speaking of eating- my appetite is back! Food sounds good again. Especially macaroni and cheese. Mmmm- I just want some right now.
Anyway, not too much to say because I’ll say it on my blog very very soon!

>Making Jars Pretty


In October, my family got together to make homemade apple butter. 
Well, every Christmas, my mom gives cans of this deliciousness to friends and neighbors. She COULD just give them the plain ol’ jar with a card or something.
But that wouldn’t go over well with my mother’s exuberant Christmas spirit.
 She recruited my sister and I to help jazz up the jars a bit.
It all started with some decorative mesh ribbon.
 We wrapped up the cans.
  Tied a pretty ribbon around the top…
We even made a little assembly line to make it go faster.
All done!
 Lots of pretty jars of apple butter!



I wasn’t the only one who overate on Thanksgiving…
Below is my sister’s dog, Cooper. He managed to rip open a bag of dog food and eat two-thirds of it before being stopped.
He is suffering the consequences of his gluttonous behavior.

>Turkey Day Highlights


For Thanksgiving this year, we went to my parent’s house in Camdenton. It was a great weekend. The day before we went home, my mother informed me that my dad had signed us all up for the 1st annual 5K Turkey Trot in Camdenton.
Oh, joy.
Don’t worry, we didn’t do it alone. We brought ALL of the dogs. All 6 of them. (Two are mine, two are my parents, and two are my sister’s).
It was a bit chaotic but totally added to the fun. 
We all jogged our 5K successfully despite the onset of rain and snow. It was very cold 5K. 
Sophie was freezing and shivering so I put her in my sweatshirt. This picture makes me laugh. She just looks mad at the world.
Here is the crew.
It’s quite a challenge to get all dogs to sit still for one picture. Look at Sophie. She still looks angry. 
After the 5K, there was an award ceremony and a pie eating contest. 
Another little secret that my dad didn’t inform us of was that he signed the boys up for the pie eating contest.
There weren’t too excited about it at first but once the peer pressure of the crowd set in when their names were called, they couldn’t say no.
Ready. Set….

 Will claimed that the whipped cream up his nose prevented him from breathing so he bowed out quickly.
After a close race, Peter was declared the winner!
Look how proud he is.
 Don’t worry. He got a plaque for his efforts. Yes, a plaque for the Camdenton Turkey Trot Pie Eating contest.
 Later that day, we began the cooking and baking for Thanksgiving dinner. 
All was going as planned until my aunt put a sweet potato casserole in the oven and turned it broil. She walked away to make a phone call and the marshmallows on top quickly caught fire. My mom when into a slight panic while my dad and sister took turns trying to blow out the marshmallow fire. After a few huffs and puffs, a charred casserole appeared. 
Whew. Disaster thwarted.
The rest of the night proved to be uneventful. Like most Americans, we ate too much, talked about how our pants are too tight and moved into a comatose state. 
We did do a bit of black Friday shopping at the Outlets. (Yeah for 50% off everything at Banana Republic!) But nothing to major.
As if we hadn’t eaten enough the day before, we also whipped up some peanut brittle. It’s a team effort to make this stuff. We managed it ok I think.
Well, I think those are most of the highlights. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

>Unearthing Sexual Exploitation



Unearthing Sexual Exploitation from Unearthed on Vimeo.

Not only does this video portray and describe the problem of sex trafficking in a way I have never seen, but it alos provides a way to help-a way to make a difference. Maybe consider giving to this organization this holiday season. I plan to.