>Garden is Growing

>Well, we did it!
Our garden vegetables are growing as I write this. My back hurts like crazy but the dang thing is done.

 It was a poor sight to see this morning.
 The garden had become dumping grounds for the dogs. It also served as a digging hole for Chauncey when he got bored. Needless to say, there was a lot work work to be done.
 We combed it out, dug out weeds, filled the holes, de-pooped it, and mixed in a few bags of organic miracle grow.
 After that we sectioned it off and planted! We ended up not doing the potatoes. They needed more space to grow than we were willing to give up.
 After planting, we fenced it off to prevent the doggies from intruding. They’ll have to find somewhere else to dig and dump now. 🙂
 We didn’t water it because the forecast was calling for rain. Glad we didn’t! We got lots of rain tonight. Hopefully not too much!
Hopefully healthy, organic veggies are on their way!


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