>"Time for Dinner"


Written Tuesday, March 15th:
An hour ago, my sister told me about this place called, “Time for Dinner.”
She described it as a place that puts together customized frozen dinners that you choose online. You then go the next day to pick them up. I was skeptical, yet, intrigued.
Since I’m heading to St. Louis tomorrow, I went on their website to see what they had to offer. I must admit, I was impressed by the menu. These were no ordinary frozen dinners.
I’m curious to see how this whole process works. I mean, can frozen meals be that good?? I’m heading there tomorrow so I’ll let you know how it goes!
To be continued…

Written Wednesday, March 16
I’m a believer!
This place rocked!
I had a completely wrong concept in my mind on what “Time for Dinner” was. Here’s how it REALLY works.

 It took about an hour to assemble 6 meals. They had all of the ingredients and measuring utensils laid out when we got there. All we have to do is follow the simple instructions at each dish preparation station. We could even personalize our meals by adding more or less ingredients depending on our preference.  Only the meat is weighed and measured per order. All of the recipes are either packaged in a recyclable aluminum foil pans or plastic freezer bags that we could easily take home. They even provided us with labels with easy-to-follow cooking instructions, nutritional information, dietary points and side dish suggestions.

Here are some pictures to help you visualize the process:

On our way in to “Time for Dinner,” cooler in hand.

 Three excited woman, ready to get their hands dirty!

Leslie (sister), Janny (mom), and me

 So this is a picture of a food assembly station. They have all of the ingredients, utensils, the recipe and simple directions right in front of you. Cooking has never been so easy! 

 Here is me at my first food station- in deep concentration.

 Sisters hard at work!

 Janny hopped in to help too.

 Here’s a picture of my completed Chicken Spiedini.

 One of the great things about this place is that there is no clean up required! You simply just move to the next station when you’re done putting together your meal.

 Those top two racks are all entrees for Austin and I! Twelve meals total in my deep freeze right now! They include: Crab Ragoon Chicken, Chicken Spiedini, Caramel Apple French Toast, Beef Burgundy Stew, Bacon Wrapped Bistro Steak and Asian Pork Medallions.

Pricing for these meals weren’t all that bad. For six entree servings, it cost around 20 bucks. When you consider how many ingredients you have to go buy to make a meal like this, it seems worth it. Not to mention the ease of taking one hour to have 10-12 dinners ready to cook.
It’s safe to say, I’m probably heading back to “Time for Dinner.”


3 thoughts on “>"Time for Dinner"

  1. >This sounds like fun. The place in Columbia that is similar to this one is called Columbia Kitchen and it's at Cherry Hill. Their meals are around $12, I think, for 4 servings.

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