>Protect Yourself!

>On the Today Show this morning I caught the tail end of a segment in which an innocent man got in trouble because neighbors were distributing child pornography from his unprotected wifi. Yikes. Double yikes because our wireless internet has been unprotected since we got it. I know there is a way to put a password on it but I just never got around to doing it. Until this morning that is. It really wasn’t hard at all. I simply googled it and found this link to a tutorial. I got our internet password protected (finally) in about 20 minutes. Hope you do too.


3 thoughts on “>Protect Yourself!

  1. >Oh my goodness!! My husband just took a 7 week long course on cyber security and came home the FIRST week to super-protect our router. It's intense the security we have, now.I also recomment selecting the "WPA2" option, chooing the personal version, and setting a password with special characters that can't be easily guess by neighbors and even friends. People can easily find info about you where you least expect it. But really…I can't even IMAGINE!!

  2. >Hey Polly- Mom told me about your blog and it's great! I'm going to attempt those shoes, but you're much better at sewing looking through your blog. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Hope all goes well! I'll be checking in every now and then. Stefanie (Anderson) Arnold 🙂

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