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This book was lent to me by someone who thought I would enjoy it. Boy, was she right! The author is a witty, entertaining, genuine, 30 year old who has compiled 40 short essays, each an exploration of something mundane and wonderful. As a Christian woman and mother she has a way of making the most ordinary stories and moments something entertaining and to be learned from. 


I’m also slowly working through this book, A Praying Life. Gosh, it’s good. I’ll be honest, I’m always hesitant to read books on prayer because it makes me realize how much I don’t do it enough. And yes, as expected, I’ve felt convicted of not being the prayer warrior that I could be. However, I have felt so encouraged by this book as well as motivated to pray more (not guilt tripped into praying more). It’s given me a fresh perspective on my relationship with God and my approach and reasons to pray. Really really good!
I LOVE book recommendations so if you ever have one, please send them my way.

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