>I Can’t Stop Giggling

>Seriously, for the last 10 minutes I’ve been in a constant state of giggling while browsing a website I found. Let me explain…

Most avid phone texters can relate to the woes of the auto-correct feature. I’ve had my share of misplaced words that go unedited before sent to friends or family. It can be confusing and really embarrassing if the wrong word is misplaced.

Well, I stumbled on this website where people can share their embarrassing/slightly inappropriate texts they sent that had been incorrectly auto-corrected. Haha.



2 thoughts on “>I Can’t Stop Giggling

  1. >I absolutely LOVE this website!! And It makes me gigle when I tell people about it becuase I whisper the first word. ha ha… seriously perfect when you'er having a bad day because you will MOST certainly laugh while reading it!! 🙂

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