>Horizonal Menu Tab- SO EASY!


Here is my blog tip of the day. 
You can make a horizontal menu tab VERY easily.
You know, the menu bar that hangs out right under your main header? It makes it super easy for readers to navigate your blog.

No need to go into your HTML coding. (Which I’ve done in the past). Blogger has made it pretty user friendly. Here’s how you do it:
Go to your “Design” tab and then under “Page Elements” select “Add a Gadget”
Scroll through the list of gadgets until you find one called, “Link Lists”
Click that little blue plus box to add it.
Next step is to fill in the links you want your menu tab to lead readers to.
When I post, I usually stick a label or two to categorize my posts. Here’s a pic if you don’t know what I’m referring to:
I wanted my menu tabs to take people to certain labels. For example, one of my menu tabs leads people to all of the posts that I have labeled, “Sewing”
To get the web address to all of my “Sewing” posts, I scroll to the bottom of a finished post and click on the “Sewing” label and it takes me to a web page featuring all of my posts that have been previously labeled “Sewing.” I simply copy the web address.
Copy and paste the web addresses into your Link Lists gadget
This is what it should look like once it’s filled out
Pretty self explanatory. Fill in the website that you want your menu tab to take readers to. Then give the link/tab a name. As you can see above, I have 8 links (which later turn into menu tabs). Save it when you are done.
Blogger will automatically place your new Link List on the top right corner of all of your gadgets. Drag the gadget right under your header. (After dragging it, the gadget should appear like this, long at the top, not short like it was originally).
That’s it, folks!
Save your changes and check our your new menu tab!

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