>DIY Maternity Pants


 I’m getting prideful.
Reason I say that is because I am more and more examining the way things are made and think, “I could make that…”
For example, maternity pants.
I have a hard time buying pants full price that I’m only going to wear for the next 4 months. So my solution… make my own!
I went to Goodwill and found some cute Gap pants that were my normal size. However, as you can see, they don’t fit so well around the waist.

After examining a pair of maternity pants I already own, I kinda figured out where to make my first cut.
I cut along this line, removing the entire waist of the pants. I also cut out the zipper and just hand sewed it shut.
 At this point, I’m kind of laughing at myself. Did I just ruin a perfectly good pair of pants?? Good thing they were only $6.00.
 Next step: I got stretchy knit fabric that coordinated with my pants. I cut a 34×16 strip of it. (I got this measurement simply by draping it around my waist to where it stretched but wasn’t super tight.) I folded it in half (longways), sewed it along the long edge to give me a 34×8 piece of fabric. After that, I sewed the short ends together to give me a circular piece.
 I then pinned it to the outside of my pants and sewed it on!
 It worked! The waist was a little big on me but I figured I’m not getting smaller anytime soon so bigger is better.

I was so excited that I did it with another pair of brown pants (from Goodwill of course) too. Check it out!

I also plan to make these pants into shorts when it starts to get warmer. I’ll also probably be frequenting the pants section of Goodwill a bit more now!

10 thoughts on “>DIY Maternity Pants

  1. >This is awesome and very impressive! Such a smart idea! I, too, hated buying clothes I'd only wear for a few months, and yet you gotta feel cute for those few months too! 🙂 Your baby bump is super cute.

  2. >You rock! I wish I had done this! I only have a few more weeks to go so it's not an option anymore but I am impressed! Many blessings during your pregnancy and long after!

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