>Week 22 Update


Week 22
Baby is the size of a papaya
I’ll be honest, I have no context for a papaya. No clue how big it is. Something a little bigger than a banana (since that’s how big Adelyn was last week).
Maternity Clothes?
Yes, please. Anyone have any I can borrow? I’m down to only fitting into 1/4th of my wardrobe.
Stretch Marks?
Nope. My skin is keeping up with the growth so far.
Mediocre. I’m up once a night at least to relieve my squished bladder. Still sleeping ok though. Lots of lively dreams!

Yes and no. Last week, Adelyn was on the move! I was feeling her throughout the day. However, the past few days she’s been playing a game of hide-and-go-seek with me. I’ve hardly felt her at all yesterday and today. It’s hard not to freak out and think something is wrong. I have to tell myself it’s only the 22nd week and everything I read says that is normal to have quiet days. Even knowing that, I would just like one good jab in the ribs to confirm she’s strong and healthy. I bet I’ll be eating my words in a few weeks when she’s practicing her soccer skills.
Mood Swings?
I would say no. I just asked Austin and he paused and said, “Not too bad.” I really have felt a bit more stable this week compared to the past few weeks. I will say this, I can easily cry. At almost anything if I want. But I feel like it’s pretty controllable.
No major, “I must have this or I will not function,” cravings. I have, however, taken a very strong liking to Nerds. At the office, the candy jar always has a few of those small boxes that I snatch up. I’m drooling a little right now thinking about them.
OK-here is one thing I’ve realized. I don’t like the color light pink. You know, that baby pink that is on every blanket or burp cloth for girls? I’m not into it. I know I’m going to have to get used to it but I’m fighting the light pink theme as much as I can.
Labor Signs?
Still too early for that but I have experienced some moments of tummy-tightness. Out of nowhere, I’ll feel a slow firmness roll through. From what I hear, it’s my body training for the big day.
Belly Button- In or Out?
Still way in there.
What I miss?
Pushing myself physically. Working out just wears my body down so fast. I’m also used to being a busy little bee during the day and I haven’t been able to do that.
What I’m looking forward to:
Learning more. I am somewhat clueless when it comes to raising a child. I just got the book, Babywise and am diving in. 
What I’m nervous about:
Like I mentioned before, Adelyn only has one artery in her umbilical cord going to her when she is supposed to have two. This is on my mind daily- wondering if it will affect her and her labor/delivery. I also have been motivated to eat healthier knowing that she runs the small risk of not growing as fast as she should.
Weekly Wisdom:
There is no way to know everything. Even if I did, I am still not in control. “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10
I registered at Target and Babies R Us on Monday. I’ll be honest, I left Babies R Us in a bad mood. Simply because it made me feel totally inadequate and overwhelmed. Even after talking to lots of other moms who have kids, I still felt like I didn’t know what I would need/ how many ___ to register for/ what we would really use and what we wouldn’t. It was just overwhelming.

Oh, another milestone. Austin and I have decided we are going to go the cloth diaper route. Specifically, with Fuzzibunz. For a lot of reasons, it just makes sense for our lifestyle and budget. I am
not opposed to disposable diapers at all- in fact if we get any as gifts at showers, we will gratefully use them. But overall, our default is going to be cloth. It should be an adventure 🙂


8 thoughts on “>Week 22 Update

  1. >I was right there with you about all of the light pink when I had my first daughter, I fought it every step of the way. Her bedding was yellow, green and dark pink, and I even painted one of the walls in her room dark pink just so everyone could see we weren't going the baby pink route!

  2. >I don't know what we're having, but if we have a girl I think I'll go with magenta and green. You can find most stuff in green. I'm with you though, EVERYTHING is pink.Oh and yay for cloth diapers!!! We're planning on doing them too! I think they're so cute!

  3. >Hey Polly!We did the cloth diapering thing (fuzzibunz and apple cheeks), and we LOVE them. Let me know if there's anything you have questions about, or any ways I can help!-Devin

  4. >I'm so excited you're going to use fuzzibunz! We are going to use them with Sarahlynne when she gets here, and I just can't wait to get her little bum in those cute diapers! And I'm with you on the light pink–we have a lot of green/yellow/browns/purples/turquoises in her wardrobe!

  5. >We use cloth diapers, too. FYI – Fuzzi Bunz has great customer service! And they have dark pink, dark purple, etc. I really have had a positive experience with them. You might want to look into a newborn/tiny baby cloth diaper option, because they won't probably fit her well without leaks (the goal is no leaks!!!) for a month minimum, two – three months maximum. Unless you buy the extra small size! Bummis has a great newborn prefold package and that is what we are using for our girl come April!

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