>Valentine’s Gift


A while back, we were literally snowed in for 2+ days. With no cable, I resolved to crafting and sewing to pass the time. I figured I’d make a few Valentine’s Day gifts for some friends. Well, a few turned into many.  I can’t think of a better way to use my time though!
 Inside each one of these is a bundle of candy. Want to know how I made them? Read on…
I started by pulling out all the girly fabrics I had. I sewed them together, quilt style. I kept it random and unorganized though.
 I then made my own heart stencil and traced it on the quilted fabric.
 I cut the hearts out and then trimmed the edges with some shearing scissors.
 Here’s my pile of cut out hearts.
 I pinned two hearts, wrong sides together, and sewed around the edges leaving a hole at the top (so I could put candy in it!)
 After stuffing the heart pouches with candy, I cut a small hole at the top of each heart and wove a piece of ribbon through.
I LOVE the way they turned out.
 Happy Valentines Day friends!

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