>Mirror Transformation X 2


 So here’s the story on this mirror.
It was originally my grandma’s mirror that was close to being thrown out before I snatched it up a few years ago. It’s traveled around with me from apartment to apartment. Its original color is this faded gold that I wasn’t crazy about.
 A while back, I gave it a makeover and used it in our guest bathroom. I was never crazy about it there but didn’t want to fork over the money to get a different mirror.
 Well, I did some swapping around and found a replacement mirror for the bathroom, leaving this little beauty in need of another makeover-especially if it is going to be used in the nursery.
 I taped up the edges and covered the mirror with a trash bag so I wouldn’t get spray paint on it.
 With a little TLC, some aqua spray paint (which I already had on hand) and few hours later, it looked like this!
Doesn’t it look great above the changing table?!
 A little close up on the details.
 The nursery is slowly coming together! (Notice how Sophie has taken a liking to the glider…)

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