>Infant Tiered Skirt


I’ve done it. 
I’ve made my first item of clothing for Adelyn. And boy, is it girly!
What’s funny is that I made this from the fabric of some pants my mom was getting rid of. I figured I would use the fabric someday so I swiped them from the donation pile.
Yes, she did own these pants. 
No, I don’t think she ever wore them… thank God.
 I attempted to make a tutorial of how I made this skirt but I’ll be honest, I had no clue what I was doing. I had to seam rip about 4 times. So I figure you can probably find more qualified tutorials out there if you really want one.
 I’ll give you the cliff notes version of how I made it though. 
I cut three different pieces. 
 Hemmed and ruffled two of the pieces.
 Sewed them together.
 I mean, this picture is hilarious. Look at that mess at the bottom of the fabric. Thank you for seam rippers!
 After many mistakes, I finally got it what I wanted it to look like!
 Adelyn is going to have some sassy outfits!

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