>Big Baby News!!


 Yep! It’s true. We have a baby girl on the way! We got to peek in on Adelyn this morning and check out her progress. So far so good! She’s measuring and weighing all that she should be. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen as we got to see her squirm around and see all her different parts and organs. It was a life changing experience. Many have asked about our initial reactions.

Look at that precious little foot!

Polly’s First Thoughts:
1) What? Are you sure? I really thought it was a boy…
2) Precious.
3) We know her name! That is Adelyn on the screen!

Austin’s First Thoughts:
1) Oh my gosh. I have no idea what to do with a girl.
2) I’m going to have to mediate some mother daughter conflict in the future.
3) Boyfriends are going down.

After the rush of our excitement the ultrasound technician assured us that our baby is normal and healthy but has one possible future complication. Let me explain…

Leg bones

She has what is called a two vessel cord. An umbilical cord is supposed to have two main arteries going into the baby and one going out. Sweet Adelyn only has one going in (instead of two). Chances are this will not at all affect her growth and development. However, complications may arise toward the end of pregnancy. Specifically during labor. Since the umbilical cord is not as strong as it should be, labor can be very stressful on the baby. Knowing this, I am more likely than most people to have a c section or even have to induce an early delivery. Until that point comes, we have to keep a careful eye on Adelyn’s growth. This means I am getting ultrasounds every month in addition to prenatal visits. OK Doc, twist my arm. I guess I’m ok with seeing my baby girl through an ultrasound every month. 🙂

We’ve talked to quite a few people about this condition and everyone seems very very optimistic about it. Some babies have this and the doctors don’t even know it until after they are born! We even have a close friend of ours who had the exact same situation and (despite a 6 week early c section) has a healthy beautiful girl. 

profile shot with 2 little fists

So overall, the news is a bit daunting but not at all stealing our joy. I am following the doctors orders and “NOT SEARCHING THE INTERNET about the condition.” She said everything that would come up wouldn’t apply to our situation. I’m going to believe her and (as hard as it may be) not poke around on the worst case scenario websites. We are so excited to finally know the gender. AND I’m of course WAY excited to start making gender specific toys/clothes/decor/etc.

Thanks for sharing in our excitement today!


4 thoughts on “>Big Baby News!!

  1. >I was thinking about you this morning and hoping your appointment wouldn't be canceled!! I'm so excited for you. Girls are the best! ;-)Sounds like you are handling the other unexpected news well. I'll be praying for little Adelyn!

  2. >baby girls are the best! of course, i am a bit biased. adelyn is such a sweet name! and i love the spelling!i'll be praying for you during the rest of this journey! i was a high-risk pregnancy and had to have a c-section so i can relate with your fears/concerns – and i second the dr….don't google anything!

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