>Week 19 Update


Pop Quiz: What fruit…
  •  …is a distant relative of the cashew, pistachio, Jamaica plum, poison ivy and poison oak?
  •  …plays a sacred role in India; it is a symbol of love and some believe that its tree can grant wishes?
  • … leaves are considered toxic and can kill cattle or other grazing livestock?
  • … is approximately the size of the baby growing inside of me? 
Give up?
It’s a mango!
 I’ve never been a HUGE fan of mangoes to be honest. Unless they are picked straight from a tree in Jamaica. Those were pretty good but were rumored to give people rashes if you touched the peel to your skin. Enough on mangoes. Here’s an update on the ol’ bun in the oven. 
Maternity Clothes? 
Heck ya. I actually scored a bundle of them from a lady on Craigs List who was getting rid of all of hers. I am not one of those blessed women who can keep wearing their normal pants throughout pregnancy. Bring on the elastic!
Stretch Marks?
No marks yet even though it feels like everything is stretching in one way or another!
Pretty good. I’m mastering the art of sleeping on my side. I have found that using 3 pillows works well. One for my head. One between my knees. And one behind my back. It would be nice to have an all inclusive pillow like this one…
BUT those cost a pretty penny. For now I will make due and snuggle up with my pillow party.

Best Moment (or laugh) of the Week:
Austin, as a surprise, was going to get me some nice lotion (bc I love good lotions). However, in his lotion hunt, he came across stretch mark lotion and thought it’d be a good idea to get me some. The gesture was intended to alleviate my anxiety about getting stretch marks in the future. It was just really funny because I didn’t know how to respond. It is such a male way of thinking: Have a problem? Lets find a solution. His intentions were totally pure which made it all the more funny. It gave me a good laugh. 
Yep! Definitely feeling more activity down there. I only catch it happening when I’m sitting pretty still but Baby C is on the move!
Mood Swings?
Um yes. Maybe not swings, just on edge emotionally. For example, I have found myself in tears while watching The Office… twice. I also had a major breakdown while trying to do a project on Photoshop and couldn’t figure it out. My wonderful Austin has been there for all three meltdowns. He’s been a trooper. I usually end up laughing at myself at the end of it all.
Food Cravings?
Oh…my… gosh… so I thought that I had a few cravings before this, right? Not until I experienced a REAL craving last week. It was about 10 pm and all of the sudden I was desperate for some type of orange or orange juice. Luckily we had some clementines at our house or I probably would have headed to the grocery store. It was crazy. 
We find out in 10 days! Granny (basically my grandma) told me today that I was having a boy. She also told me if she could see me she’d be able to tell for sure by the way I’m carrying… Gotta love grandmas. 
Labor Signs?
No labor signs but I’m for sure having some major pain. I think its a combination of Round Ligament Paint and overexertion. I am learning my physical limitations the hard way. Yesterday and today I have felt like I have a pulled muscle on the left side of my stomach. It hurts! Last night was the worst. I could hardly move! I am definitely learning lessons the hard way.  
Belly Button In or Out?
In. No change.
What I miss?
Being able to be active all day and not physically hurt from it. Also, sleeping flat on my stomach.
What I’m Looking Forward To:
Our crib has been ordered!
It should be arriving within a week or so!

Weekly Wisdom?
Slow down. Your body can’t do what it used to do.
Embracing the baby bump and wearing clothes that don’t hide it. 


One thought on “>Week 19 Update

  1. >Love your blog! If you are concerned about stretch marks DO NOT itch! It will be soooo hard because once you really start stretching the itch will drive you nuts. Fight it with more lotion. Also, use a hugely moisturizing body wash and avoid bar soaps even if you don't use it on your belly. And don't forget about your breasts…I remembered all these things from school for my tummy, and then forgot about the poor breasts which are now covered in stretchies, but tummy is good! At least no one has to see those baby feeders right! haha Sorry hope that wasn't tmi! Just wanted to share what I learned in school and it worked for me!

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