>Burp Cloth Tutorial


 I’ve seen burp cloth tutorials all over the creative blogland so I decided it was time to try them out. It was a super easy project!
I actually made these for a friend who has a shower coming up. They chose not to find out the gender so I tried to pick fabrics that were gender neutral.
 I made two types of burp cloths for this little bundle.
Type 1: Decorative
Type 2: Full Coverage
I’ll first show you how to make the decorative type.
I bought a 12 pack of cloth diapers from Target. Only $16.99 for 12! I figure this will carry me through the next 3 baby showers. Not a bad investment.
After ironing one of the cloth diapers flat, I measured the length and width of the thick strip down the middle of the cloth diaper. I then added one inch to my height and width measurements and cut out a piece of fabric. Mine ended up being 6.5 inches X 19 inches (I think… I didn’t write it down-woops!)
Measure one inch around the edge of the fabric and iron the edges down.

 Should look like this after ironing.
 Pin it on your cloth diaper.
 Top stitch the fabric down.
 I used a decorative stitch for mine. A simple zig zag stitch should do the trick though.
 Guess what- you’re done!
If you want to get a little crazy, you can snaz up your fabric. For example, I combined two fabrics for this one:
The second type I made for this burp cloth bundle is a bit different. One side is completely covered instead of a strip of fabric.
I used flannel fabric and the same cloth diapers as I did for the first tutorial. 
Measure the height and width of the cloth diaper and cut out a piece of fabric with the same measurements.
Flip the flannel piece right side down and pin it to your cloth diaper
 Sew around the edges. Make sure to leave about 3 inches open so you can turn it right side out!
After you’ve sewn the pieces together, trim the edges.
 Flip your burp cloth right side out and smooth out the wrinkles. Sew two straight lines down the middle. (I followed the existing lines originally created by the cloth diaper)
 Then sew around the edges one more time. Again, I used a decorative stitch but a simple straight stitch will work too.
 After that, you’re done!
I bundled mine up and put a little bow around them.


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