>Date Night


Austin was out of town last night so I had a date… with Photoshop. 
Seriously, I did. I turned down other opportunities because I had made a commitment to spend the evening getting to know the program. Kinda like you do on a date!
As I mentioned before, I have taken on some extra duties at my job. As “Communications Director” at The Crossing, I am often required to delve into Photoshop and edit graphics. Somehow I have survived up to this point without really knowing the ins and outs of the program. However, I decided I am going to take one thing at a time and build some Photoshop confidence.
So, Polly, what did you and Photoshop do on your date?
Well, friends, I decided to attempt making a silhouette of a picture. Here’s how it turned out.
Pretty nifty huh!? It only took me cough..two..cough hours. Now that I know what I’m doing though, I think I could do it a lot faster. I had to keep going back to the tutorial and troubleshoot problems I kept having.
My creative juices have started to overflow after I mastered this skill. There are so many fun things you can do with silhouettes! So many fun gifts to make! Birthday cards! Wedding gifts! So any possibilities.
Just wanted to share about my romantic Thursday evening.

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