>Changing Table Progress Cont.


 My changing table is coming along quite nicely. 
Yesterday I lined the drawers with some fun scrapbook paper.
 I scoured through my existing supply of paper and picked these bad boys out.
 Unfortunately, the paper wasn’t big enough to reach all the way to the back of the drawer. So… I did a little improvising. I simply cut some thick white paper about an inch long and mod podged it to the back.
 After that dried, I proceeded to mod podge the rest of the scrapbook paper down. I like to use a sponge brush that I can just throw away after a big project like this.
 After I coated the drawer, I laid the paper that I previously measured to fit the drawer. I then painted another light coat of mod podge over the top. (See how that white strip in the back helps fill the gap?)
 Do that times 6 and you get this!
 I also did a little knob shopping today at Hobby Lobby- Thank you in-laws for the gift card!
(Not sure why this picture is making the dresser look smudgy and gross)
 Aren’t they cute! I figured they were perfect for a nursery and gender neutral too. Well… maybe they are a little “boyish.” My unconscious might be speaking through my decorating choices- who knows.
Here’s a reminder of where we started:

And where we are currently at:

I still have to install the handles to the other drawers and have Austin apply a coat of polyurethane to the wood. Other than that though, this changing table is pretty close to done!


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