>I’m Giddy…


 I’m giddy with excitement over my Craigs List find. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a dresser that can be used as a changing table in our future nursery. Today, I stumbled on this $45 solid wood dresser. It also came with a huge mirror that isn’t in this picture.
 I like that two of its drawers are extra deep providing lots of storage!
 Of course I have major face lift plans for this guy.
 I’ve really liked the two toned look of dressers lately. Especially with the top stained a deep color and the base painted a white. Here is some eye candy that has inspired me.

 I especially love the look of this one. I think I’ll have some fun finding cute handles and knobs too.
Only two things are holding me back from jumping in to this project. 1) It’s 20 degrees outside. 2) I’m pregnant. Which means I probably shouldn’t be the one staining, priming, and painting. Dang it! Looks like Daddy Conner might have to get his hands dirty.
Oh, I don’t want to forget to show you what I did with the mirror that was supposed to go with the dresser. It found a home on my mantle.
 Love a good Craig’s List find!

3 thoughts on “>I’m Giddy…

  1. >I'm loving your blog! Thanks for sharing your fun projects.How did you hang the wreath in front of the mirror with no visible ugliness involved? :)Your sister's roommate,Jen

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