>Nursery Inspiration


I’ve gotten lots of questions about how I am going to decorate the future nursery. Up until this point, I really had no clue about what I want it to look like. That was, until I stumbled upon this on Kids Stuff World.

Love the bold colors.
Love the look of this.
Now my goal is to recreate this in a cheapest way possible.
Ready, set, go!


One thought on “>Nursery Inspiration

  1. >Hi- here is a link to some owl-inspiration for the nursery 🙂 The blog is in Danish, so how great it is that a picture tells more than a 1000 words :)http://ulla-lullaby.blogspot.com/2011/01/alfreds-ugler-dagens-sidste-indlg.html I am looking forward to see all the creative things you'll make. I will give the Owl banner a go :)It is soo cute.

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