>Sleep Talking Man


I’ve gotten some good laughs in the middle of the night lately. Why, you may ask? Because Austin has been having some midnight conversations …with himself. Yes, friends, my husband has been sleep talking. What’s great is that he has conversations with me while he is completely asleep. 
A few nights ago:
I wake up to hear Austin having a conversation that made absolutely no sense. He was saying words that didn’t go together. It was very strange.

P: Austin, are you ok?
A: (Stops talking his gibberish)
P: What are you saying?
A: We have to find it.
P: We have to find it? We have to find what? (now realizing he is not conscious).
A: We have to find the winning babysitter.
P: Laughing… what?
A: We have to find the winning babysitter.
P: Really? And who is this winning babysitter?
A: Silence…The winning babysitter.
P: Oh ok, well lets do that later. Go back to sleep.

When I told him about this in the morning, he had no recollection of the conversation. I did commend him for already thinking about finding babysitters though.

Last night, I wake up once again to Austin’s voice.
A: Listen, listen!
P: (Jolted awake because I thought he really heard something). Did you hear something??
A: Listen!
P: Listen to what, Austin? (now realizing he’s probably in a different world). 
A: Silence.

I never found out what I was commanded so forcefully to listen for. Once again, he had no recollection of this.

Speaking of sleep talking, have you heard about the blog, Sleep Talkin Man? It’s stinkin hilarious people. A wife documents her husband’s colorful sleep talking. Warning, he has very “colorful language” but it is really funny.


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