>How to Clean Uggs


I love my Uggs.
I got them around 3 years ago and wish I could wear them every day. They are a heavenly place for my feet in the winter. The problem with my deep love for my Uggs is that they have gotten very dirty over the past few years. 
 I’ve never cleaned them out of a fear that I would ruin my favorite pair of shoes. Yucky!
I did a little research and discovered I had the necessary ingredients to clean my precious shoes… white vinegar and water!
I started by lightly brushing on water to the boot. I was nervous because my Uggs have never been this wet!
Next, I dipped my brush into bowl of vinegar and brushed it on to the boot. I scrubbed it in a little.
 I then repeated my first step of brushing on water.
After that, I wiped it and scrubbed it down with a wet towel.
 I stuffed the boots with hand towels so they would keep their shape while drying.
This is me nervously watching them dry, wondering if I just ruined my favorite pair of shoes…
 After a few hours, they had dried and I was impressed with the results!
 They may not look brand new but I was glad to see those nasty black smudges disappear. Thank you white vinegar! Your cleaning potentials continue to reveal themselves.

2 thoughts on “>How to Clean Uggs

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  2. >Hi Polly, i read your blog about the uggs. I have the same problem i found a small spot of hotchocolate in one pair of my uggs. I love them just like you do lol!i have read in many sites to do the water and vinegar steps the one you did and i work, the spot has become lighter but it didn't fully disappear so my question is if i do the steps again will the colour go? please help me

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