>Christmas Happies


We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at my parent’s house. My mom is an expert at spoiling us when we are in town. This holiday was no different. 
Here are a few flashbacks from the weekend.
Here is “Christmas Cooper” as we nicknamed him. Yes, the dog is wearing a Santa suit.
 An appropriate shirt for the holidays…
 Look…look! The baby bump is finally making an appearance. However, it’s still small enough to make most people think I had one too many glasses of eggnog this season.
 Apparently Santa’s elf got a bit overwhelmed by the amount of gifts under the tree.
 Here’s a gift worth mentioning…

Isn’t this in the skymall magazine or something? Either way, I am excited to have one. I love the edges of brownies!
There were plenty of dogs around for the holidays as well. Here is a video of something hilarious we discovered.
Who knew we had such talented dogs in our midst??
Another gift worth mentioning that we got is a programmable thermostat. 
When we got home, I attempted to install this puppy solo. (Austin was busy hanging up his new pull up bar).
One of my weaknesses in house projects is recklessly rushing into things in an attempt to get it done asap. This project was no different. 
When Austin walked in and saw 4 different wires sticking out of the wall and me standing there with a screwdriver and instruction manual, he wisely took over the project. He quickly pointed out that I hadn’t turned the power off to the thermostat/furnace… woops. Thank you Jesus for not letting me electrocute myself. 
We couldn’t figure out which breaker switch would turn off the power in the room so Austin suggested we just turn off all of the power to the house. And that’s what we did. Hilarious. So geared up with a headlamp, flashlight and two candles we managed to install our new thermostat. Victory!

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