>Mission: Gold Toe Socks

>For the past few days, Austin and I have been in Denver visiting his grandpa, Bill. Bill lost his sight around 3 years ago from macular degeneration. The entire time I was there, I was totally in awe of his independence, positive attitude, and ability to do so much while living alone. It truly was amazing.

One thing Bill cannot to alone is shop for socks at the mall. He mentioned multiple times he wanted to do this while we were there so the five of us (Austin’s parents, Bill, Austin and myself) set out for the very busy shopping mall to get him some socks. 

Bill knew he wanted white, Gold Toe socks. Simple enough, right? As we got to the first store, Macy’s, Bill’s requirements for socks got a bit longer. He wanted white, Gold Toe socks that were made primarily of cotton AND that didn’t have too much elastic at the top. He claimed it cut off his circulation. Fair enough.

So the 4 of us scour the store for white, Gold Toe, cotton, non-elastic socks. We found many that came close but Bill wasn’t bending on his sock requirements. After the 4 of us go through almost every pack of socks there, Bill declares he wants to talk to a clerk or go to the next store. Since no clerk was in sight, we moved on to JC Penny’s. At this point, I was getting impatient until I took a step back and just had to laugh at the situation.

So on we went, shuffling Austin’s blind grandpa up and down escalators and through the mall until we arrived at the sock section of JC Penny. Once again, the 4 of us scoured the store and brought our finds back to Bill for approval. We got a little closer this time. Gold Toe-check. White-check. Mostly made of cotton-check. Non Elastic-check. Austin brought the winner to Bill for the approval. We were about to wave the victory flag when Bill says he doesn’t really want a pack of 6. He wanted a pack of 3. I mean, really? I was tempted to just buy the 6 pairs and give him 3 of them. Nope. On to the next store to look for the non-existent 3 pack of Gold Toe, white, cotton, non-elastic socks.

At this point, Baby C started wreaking havoc and was demanding some food. Austin and I split off to the food court while the other 3 headed to Dillards. After a while, Austin gets a phone call announcing they have finally found the exact socks Bill wanted. Praise the Lord. Thank you Dillards. You saved Christmas. I really think this Denver trip will be labeled the “Gold Toe Sock Denver Trip”


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