>Week 13 in Review

>Baby C was around the size of a peach this week.
He/she has fingerprints, can open and close its mouth, all it’s teeth are formed and under the gums, AND it is moving around (even though I can’t feel it yet). I am becoming more and more convinced it’s a boy. Not sure why. But I told Austin I’m putting my money down on us having a baby Austin.

I blogged earlier about my “Pregnancy Brain” issues. Thank you, blogging mothers out there, for all the moral support you offered through your comments. I don’t feel so alone in my spacey little world.

Another thing worth mentioning is the baby bump. I mean, it came out of nowhere this week! It’s crazy how fast I have begun to show. There is still some apprehension in wearing clothes that reveal the bump but I’m sure I’ll get over that soon. Simply because I’m running of of clothes that make it discrete. Get ready world, the belly is on its way out. Literally.

Another weird thing is that I still can’t chew Trident gum. I used to be an addict to this stuff. I can do other gum for a while but for some reason, Baby C does NOT like Trident. It makes me feel sick and the taste is just too strong. I miss my gum chewing days.

I hardly feel sick anymore but am still pretty tired in the afternoons. Seriously, around 2 or 3 I just hit a wall and feel like I can’t function without a cat nap.

I think those are all the worthy updates. We are headed out to Denver tomorrow…wahoo!!


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