>Glider Makeover


 Here’s a project I did quite a while ago.
 I scored this glider at a garage sale for $15.00! Yes, $15.00!!
 It has a little squeak that we haven’t quite fixed yet, but I figured it would be good for a nursery someday.  Little did I know, how soon I would actually need it!
Cooper (my sisters dog) added to the nastiness of the chair fabric. It was screaming for a makeover.
 I started by priming and spray painting the whole thing and ivory color. It was quite a tedious task. All of those dang spindles and different angles were hard to get paint on. However, 2.5 cans of spray paint later, it was done.
 Now it needed some fabric lovin. Knowing this would go in a future nursery, I picked a fun, colorful fabric that would hopefully go in any room.
I pretty much just laid the cushions out on the fabric, traced the shape, and then cut out two pieces (one for each side of the cushion).
For the footstool, I just got a staple gun and stapled the fabric on.
 Pretty cute, huh!?


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