>Unsolved Mystery


 Today, we examine the case of two domestic dogs who made an unexplainable escape from their backyard.

  Our story begins like most days at the Conner house. Polly was the last to leave the house around 9 a.m. As she locked up her house, she made sure her dogs had water and other toys to occupy themselves in the back yard. She made her exit through the garage, shutting all doors behind her.

At approximately 12:15 p.m. Polly receives a phone call from an unknown number.

“Is this Holly?”

“No, this is Polly.”

“Oh, sorry. Hi Polly. This is the Central Missouri Humaine Society. I believe we have two dogs of yours here.”


“A smaller cocker spaniel mix and a bigger one as well… they were picked up on West Blvd.”

“Oh my gosh, yes those are ours. They were on West Blvd?!”

“Yes, someone picked them up and brought them in.”
“We’ll be there soon to pick them up. Thank you so much!”

Austin ended up picking up the dogs. When he returned to the house, there was nothing abnormal. The gate was shut and locked, no doors were open, garage was shut, no holes were dug under the fence. Pretty much, all exits from our back yard were locked up as usual.

A Mystery Remains:
How did the dogs escape?
When did they escape?
Had they been running around all morning until picked up around noon?
If so, what did they do for 3 hours until their capture?
Will they escape again?

So many questions.

I’m just glad they are ok.


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