>Keeping it Simple

>If you haven’t noticed, I like changing the look of my blog.
I liked my previous design but it had quite a few kinks I wasn’t crazy about. I put up with it for a while but the time has come for yet another blog makeover. I just want a simple, fun, clean-cut look. I think I also secretly like the fun part of designing a new logo and background.

I told Austin the other day that if I were to go back and do college again, I think I would have gotten a minor in graphic design. I would love to know how to navigate my way around HTML codes,  work with complicated design programs, and be able to make something from nothing. I have become a master at the program, Pages, on my mac and that is where I do all of my creative stuff. I wish I knew more. I wish I had the talent and ability to take it further. It’s a really cool form of art.

But I didn’t. I majored in Communications with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. I have my masters in Secondary School Counseling. I guess those were good choices considering that I work with high school students as an administrative director of student ministries. No regrets.  It seems unfair to have to pick a major at a stage in life in which hobbies and interests flex and flow so quickly. I don’t regret my choice of major. I just wish I would have known myself more. 

One thought on “>Keeping it Simple

  1. >I love changing my design around quite often too! I started doing blog design for others earlier this year, but sort of stopped because I felt like I wanted to learn more about the whole graphic design/html stuff…haven't really had time to do such a thing, but have thought about adding a graphic design minors to my studies when I get back to school. It's just so fun creating new things! Love your new look 🙂

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