>I’m Hooked


This is probably the most inspiring blog I have ever read. I’ve been sitting here for a hour weeping, laughing, mourning and rejoicing with this beautiful young woman as she documents her journey through cancer on her blog, Don’t Waste Your Cancer.
Here is the blog description:

its important for my readers to know that i do not like use punctuation when i write. i am not very good at knowing where to put commas and stuff. so if that bothers you i would not read this blog. i think capitalizing words while typing is not a good use of time so i will usually just write in lowercase. that is my disclaimer.

my name is libby ryder. i am 27. i have been married to justin for a little over 3 years. we are partners, we are a team, and life without each other would just feel off. we have a little daughter, ava. she is 11 months old and is a dream. i know all parents are bias, as they should, but she really is great. the best combination of justin and i. she has brought such joy to our lives and brought justin and i closer than we ever could have imagined…until monday, july 26, 2010. but i will get to that. we live in chesapeake, va where justin is the area director for Young Life. its the best ministry we know of. its all about building relationships with middle and high school students and sharing with them the best news of all…Jesus loves them. cheesy, but not really. its everything. Jesus is everything in our lives. we have a wonderful family. we really get along with everyone. something we are very thankful about. we have a great community here, as our immediate families live in mi, ky, and wa.

this blog is going to tell our story of some recent news that changes everything. justin and i were talking about this yesterday…we decided nothing will be the same again, ever. but in the best way possible. we are excited for this new path in our journey as a couple and as individuals. i told him this past week that i was thankful this was all happening now and not in 60 years when we were older and had missed out on loving Jesus this much, or each other this much, and everyone around this much. since we never saw this one coming. i guess that is what you sign up for when you decide to give your life…we are talking your life here…to Jesus Christ. it means trusting him with everything. i thought i did though. but now i know that i didn’t. i mean i did a little. but not like i do now. this is our story and since we are not writing it, God is…we have to trust that he wanted this part to be in ours.


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