>Turkey Day Highlights


For Thanksgiving this year, we went to my parent’s house in Camdenton. It was a great weekend. The day before we went home, my mother informed me that my dad had signed us all up for the 1st annual 5K Turkey Trot in Camdenton.
Oh, joy.
Don’t worry, we didn’t do it alone. We brought ALL of the dogs. All 6 of them. (Two are mine, two are my parents, and two are my sister’s).
It was a bit chaotic but totally added to the fun. 
We all jogged our 5K successfully despite the onset of rain and snow. It was very cold 5K. 
Sophie was freezing and shivering so I put her in my sweatshirt. This picture makes me laugh. She just looks mad at the world.
Here is the crew.
It’s quite a challenge to get all dogs to sit still for one picture. Look at Sophie. She still looks angry. 
After the 5K, there was an award ceremony and a pie eating contest. 
Another little secret that my dad didn’t inform us of was that he signed the boys up for the pie eating contest.
There weren’t too excited about it at first but once the peer pressure of the crowd set in when their names were called, they couldn’t say no.
Ready. Set….

 Will claimed that the whipped cream up his nose prevented him from breathing so he bowed out quickly.
After a close race, Peter was declared the winner!
Look how proud he is.
 Don’t worry. He got a plaque for his efforts. Yes, a plaque for the Camdenton Turkey Trot Pie Eating contest.
 Later that day, we began the cooking and baking for Thanksgiving dinner. 
All was going as planned until my aunt put a sweet potato casserole in the oven and turned it broil. She walked away to make a phone call and the marshmallows on top quickly caught fire. My mom when into a slight panic while my dad and sister took turns trying to blow out the marshmallow fire. After a few huffs and puffs, a charred casserole appeared. 
Whew. Disaster thwarted.
The rest of the night proved to be uneventful. Like most Americans, we ate too much, talked about how our pants are too tight and moved into a comatose state. 
We did do a bit of black Friday shopping at the Outlets. (Yeah for 50% off everything at Banana Republic!) But nothing to major.
As if we hadn’t eaten enough the day before, we also whipped up some peanut brittle. It’s a team effort to make this stuff. We managed it ok I think.
Well, I think those are most of the highlights. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

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