>Rough Night


Today, I feel like this.
 I kinda want to do this.
 Last night was one of those nights.
It took forever to fall asleep.
I drank too much water before bed and had to get up twice before 1 a.m.
Woke up at 2 a.m. to my dog freaking out because of a noise.
Couldn’t go back to sleep.
Got up 30 minutes later to get a snack.

While walking back to my room, I run smack into a wall- nose first. 
I almost started crying but then realized how funny it must have looked. It hurt my nose though!
This morning, I was telling Austin about it and as I looked at the wall I ran into, I saw a shiny spot on the wall where my forehead hit. 
I think a serious nap is on the agenda for today. 


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