>Lamp Revamp


We got two of these silver lamps for our wedding. After we settled in a bit, I wasn’t too happy with our choice. It just didn’t go with our house. So, I gave it a face lift!
Redoing a lamp is really easy. I actually had the shade on hand so I just replaced the silver one with that. 
For the base of the lamp, I used my favorite weapon: 
Kilz spray primer.
After covering the cord and light bulb socket with tape, I gave it about two coats of primer. After it dried, I gave it two coats of ivory spray paint. It looks like an entirely new lamp! 
What’s funny is that it took almost two weeks before Austin even noticed there was something different about it. Out of nowhere, I hear from the kitchen, “Whoa, you did something to the lamp!” 
Yes dear. I did. Thank you for noticing. 
I guess when he’s in the living room his eyes are on the TV, not the ever-changing decor.

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