>Dear Husband of Mine:

>Dear Husband,

First of all, I want you to know I love our home. I really do. However, as I bounce around from blog to blog, I can’t help but plan for the future. I thought it would be beneficial to share some plans I have for our next home. Since you are a visual creature, I will shower you with pictures of my vision.
For starters, a non-negotiable in our next home:  two vanities. I love you but I don’t love sharing one small vanity with you.
Lets talk about our kitchen. A breakfast nook with benches. Mmmm.
 What house isn’t complete without a colorful coffee station? I know you don’t drink coffee, but it’d be great for hosting.
 I’m loving the huge kitchen island. Add that to the list, dear.
Lets talk bedrooms a bit. This would make a great guest bedroom, don’t you think?
 And how about this one for a strapping young lad we might have some day?
Another kids room idea in case we have twins or something. Always be prepared!
Loving the clean, crisp feel of this one as well.
 Oh, here’s a living room I like too. Lots of big comfy chairs. Lots of natural light. French doors that open up to our glorious back yard.
 Speaking of yards, having a wrap around front porch like this one that is looking out on our front yard would be AWESOME. Can you whip that up for us, dear one?
 I think we’ve also learned that having a mudroom would be awesome. Don’t worry. I have some ideas for that too. 
 In the mudroom somewhere, we’d have this amazing sink. Dog baths, rinsing out dirty shoes, cleaning vegetables from our garden- you name it. This sink can handle it.
Attached to the mud room, would be a garden room. Yep. A place to keep all the plants, seeds, flowers, tools, etc. It would of course be clean and colorful. My two favorite adjectives.

 We’d also have a great outdoor space. Something like this.

 I’ve saved my favorite room for last. 
My craft room.
Excuse me while I wipe away the drool.
 I hope you have enjoyed a tour through our future home. We might both have to get three jobs and be in a constant state of debt, but it will be worth it.


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