>I Made Mittens!


 I picked up this sweater at Goodwill for $.50. It is made of wool so I knew I could find something fun to do with it. 
After felting the wool (washing it in hot water to shrink it up), I took a couple of days to figure out what I wanted to do with it. After much debate, I decided I wanted to make some mittens to keep in my car. My hands get SO  COLD in the winter!
 I didn’t really have a pattern or any directions. I simply traced a line around my hand and cut it out. Two for my left and two for my right.
 They for sure weren’t perfect… but that didn’t bother me. 
 I pinned them, and sewed them up!
 I couldn’t help but laugh at them a bit. They are a bit small and funny shaped… BUT they fit!
 No more cold hands on the cold steering wheel in the mornings!

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