>Make Your Own Link Button


I always like when bloggers share their knowledge and secrets on how they made their blog. 
Since most of my friends think I’m somewhat competent in this area (boy, I have them fooled), I thought I’d share a little tip.
See those cool link buttons?
The ones that say, “Before and Afters” and “Tutorials” and so on?
Here’s how I did them. 
It’s SOOOO easy people.
Scroll down and you’ll see something like this:
Click on the button you like. 
Change the fonts and colors to your preference. 
Click “Render Button”
Save it to your computer. (I always save my stuff to my desktop so it’s easy to find.)
Now, in blogger, go to your dashboard. 
Now go to the “design” tab.
Make sure you are on the “Page Elements” page. 
Click on “Add a Gadget”
Scroll down to “Picture”
Browse for the file you just saved from cooltext.com
Upload it. 
Add the link to where you want the button to lead to.
Done and done!
I also made one for my Follow Me link.
It’s a super-user-friendly website. 
Have fun!

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