>Trunk Treasure


 Check out this transformation!
On my way to the dog part the other day, I was lured in by some estate sale signs. I’m so glad I stopped because I picked up this little treasure. 
Ugly. YES.
Potential? Absolutely.
I knew I wanted to recover it but wasn’t sure with what. That was until I made a visit to Anatol’s Fabric Outlet and discovered this beautiful fabric. These are for sure “Polly Colors” as my friend, Karis, would say.
It has texture too. Ughhhh- I just love it!
OK, so after I wiped away the drool, I got to work on this sad little trunk. First of all, only two of the wheels worked. I decided to remove them all. (Sophie always sneaks in my pictures!)
After that, I removed the hardware and the lid.
I initially was going to Mod Podge the inside I like I did on my bench a while back, but in a last minute decision, I went with painting the inside instead.
It got a little messy but I think it was a good decision.
Thank you, Lord, for water based paint. 
While that part was drying, I measured the height of the trunk and the circumference. I ended up cutting a 92×20 piece of fabric to wrap around it. 
I started in the back, and just staple-gunned the fabric to the bottom of the trunk all the way around. 
After the fabric was stapled, I reattached the hardware and the lid (which I had also covered with a 24×34 piece of fabric)
I can’t believe it is the same $5.00 trunk that I picked up!
It’s got lots of room for storage. Gotta love that. 

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