>Feeling Fruity


Today, I spent $13.00 on apples.
Yes. Apples.
For two people.

There is a reason for this madness though.
Honeycrisp Apples are back!

I absolutely LOVE Honeycrisp apples. I hope to enjoy every crisp bite of those freaking expensive apples.

One a different note, today I was scrounging around in my car for some change and found this in the middle compartment between the seats. It’s a rock hard, piece of fruit.

So many questions…

What is it?
How did it get into my middle compartment?
Why is it rock hard?
Why didn’t it decompose?
Why didn’t I smell it?
When the heck did I ever stick a orange/clementine/nectarine in there?

Like I said, so many questions.


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