>Casserole Carrier


I’m so excited to share this project with the world.
I made my own casserole carrier!
 The reason I’m so excited about it is, I made up my own pattern for it! I saw something similar on another blog and thought, I could do that…
 And, well, I did.
 I even added a little utensil holder.
 It folds up, Velcros, and keeps your delicious dish warm. 
 I think they will make pretty good gifts to all the women in my life. Who knows, they might start popping up on my Etsy sight as well.

12 thoughts on “>Casserole Carrier

  1. >Awesome! I would buy one in a heartbeat! Do they make anything like this for pie/circular cake pans? It would be cool if there was one that you could just cinch the top up on, just like an old-time coin purse, then add handles. Sigh, too bad I can only sew a button 😦

  2. >That's a really cute and easy idea. I could use a casserole carrier for when my husband has to take dinner to his lodge meetings–scratch that. I really need a crock pot carrier for him. LOL. Hope your week got off to a great start!www.zibelineknits.blogspot.com

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