>Shower Me


Polly, why is there a ziplock bag around your shower head??
Well, friends. Let me tell you why.
Over the course of time, a pleasant showering experience was turning into an exfoliation treatment. What I mean by this is that the water was coming out with such fury that it hurt! 
At first, I thought it was just me. Maybe my skin got more sensitive? Maybe the water was too hot? I was confused. Then, Austin mentioned something about how it was hurting him too. Whew- I wasn’t crazy!
Upon closer examination, I realized that hard water deposits were clogging up our shower head holes- making the water come out at an uncomfortable speed.  Ouch.
Anyway, I recalled reading somewhere that if you soak your shower head in vinegar and water, it dissolves the hard water deposits. We went to work trying to remove the shower head. We had wrenches, pliers, and other random tools out. Our efforts were fruitless. After realizing that the stubborn shower head was not willing to move, we decided to bring the vinegar water to it. Hence, the ziplocked bag over the shower head.
We mixed half cup of vinegar and half cup of water. Let it soak overnight. Despite the nasty smell, it was a success! 
We can once again enjoy the gentle pitter patter of water upon our backs.

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