>Covet: "Yearn to Possess or Have"


Can someone PLEASE tell me where to find this rug. Or even better, how to recreate this room in my house?
I’m in love. 
Here’s another shot in case, like me, you drooled all over the first. 
Lord, forgive me for my coveting!

9 thoughts on “>Covet: "Yearn to Possess or Have"

  1. >that room is pretty freakin' awesome! i love the bookshelf and the desk and the rug and the color and … everything! thanks for posting. i needed some inspiration to make a decision about how to go forward with my craft room!

  2. >Hi Polly!Thanks for stopping by…it's so nice to "meet" you. Anyone who works in student ministry is tops in my book. For years, I worked with jr high and sr high students, in a youth program (with over 700 kids), and then with the college/young adult group. So very rewarding!!!I love your blog…it's fresh and fun. That rug would be great in my studio…the dripped paint would blend right in. Hmmmm….maybe I will paint one…..See you soon!Jane (Artfully graced)

  3. >Hey Polly!I have the pillow version of this print in my living room and got it from World Market… it is my FAVORITE! It brings all sorts of fun and provides such a great palate to do fun accessories!Maybe they have a rug???

  4. >Hey Polly! I think Ikea also has similar prints to the one in that carpet. The furniture and design looks similar, as well. If you go to ikea.com, you can see some other similar styles. I've really enjoyed looking around your blog! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!~Suzanne

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