>$5.00 Goodwill Chair


 A friend from church gave me some paint samples so I swung by Goodwill with an eye out for a project. I saw this little guy for $5.00. 
It was in pretty rough shape. Dirty and dusty. Yuck.
I started by taking the seat off the chair and then removing the upholstery from the cushion.
After scouting out potential fabrics, I picked my best option. You might recognize it. I’ve used it on my past two fabric/furniture projects. I promise I’ll move on from this design when it runs out. Anyway…
I reupholstered it by wrapping it tight around the front and using a staple gun to secure it.
I primed the frame of the chair with Kilz spray primer and let it dry. 
I then gave it two coats of the paint. I don’t know what the name is… sorry!
P. S. look in the background of this picture-hilarious.
I wanted to add a little personality to the little guy so I decided to try some stenciling. I taped the stencil to the chair, sponge painted it on…
Then peeled it off. 
Well, crud. 
That didn’t work so well.
No worries. I ended up getting an itty-bitty paint brush to touch up the edges. ALL of the edges. 
Ah, much better.
Without further ado, I give you… The $5.00 chair makeover!
Darling, isn’t it!?
I’m temporarily using it my craft room.
I may try to sell it but I almost like it too much to give it up. However, I also might have a bit of an overkill with that fabric around my house. I don’t know. Decisions, decisions. 
Until I decide what to do with it, I’ll just sit in it and look at my Martha Stewart craft book.

4 thoughts on “>$5.00 Goodwill Chair

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