>Inspiration Board


I’m constantly clipping and tearing ideas and pictures out of magazines that I like. These clippings usually float around my kitchen, make their way into my craft room, and then disappear into the black hole of craft supplies. 
Not anymore!
I made myself an inspiration board. 
 It all began when I found 4 cork squares at Target for half price.
I picked some coordinating fabrics that I had on hand, measured them out, and stapled them on.
On the corners, it’s kind of like wrapping a present!
Here’s what one of the squares should look like from the back.
After I wrapped 3 of them up, I realized I wanted to frame them somehow. Looking around, I couldn’t believe what I found! I’ve held on to this frame for a while with the idea, “I might use it someday…” Well that big day came. I took it outside, spray painted it white and let it dry.
After drying, I arranged the cork boards and nailed them into the back of the frame with some itty-bitty nails. 
This beauty is now hanging right by my sewing table… just waiting to give me inspiration 🙂
 I’ve already put it to work!
 I did happen to have one cork square left over. Don’t worry, it is being put to good use as a recipe board in our spice cabinet.
It fit perfectly!
Love a great, cheap project!

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