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Today, I’m blog-swapping with my friend, Nicole. We actually used to be in the same Bible study together! (Until she picked up and moved to Arkansas that is…)She’s super crafty and has got some great dress makeovers. Check her out if you have a minute!

Hi, everyone! My name is Nicole and I write over at my blog, House of Huddleston. I’m 24, am married to a great man and have a sweet little puppy named Wyatt. We live in Fayetteville, AR where Sean attends grad school and I work at a healthcare consulting firm.

Over the past year I have picked up the hobby of sewing and have fallen in love! On my blog I share with my readers some of my sewing projects, what’s going on with our family and other random thoughts as they pop into my head. Some of my favorite projects are Goodwill refashions where I take a dress that looks like this:
And turn it into a dress that looks like this:
I’m always on a search for DIY projects, like the dog collar and leash I made below. {super easy!}

My blog helps provide an outlet for me to share my recent creative adventures and is hopefully a place for readers to get a little inspiration. Blogland is seriously such a fun place to be! I’ve been so encouraged to find innovated uses for ordinary items — all with a special DIY stamp of approval that brings joy to my heart. Drop by the blog if you have a minute…see you there!

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