For a while now, my sister has been telling me about a fabric outlet in St. Louis called Anatols. I’ve been trying to make it there but am not in St. Louis all that often. Finally, this weekend, I was able to make the visit with some friends. I was in heaven.
I came home with four different fabrics. This was one of the first fabrics that caught my eye.
 It has such a cool texture. I also think these colors are very much, “Polly colors,” as my friend Karis would say.
 When I got home, I walked around my house with this fabric to see which room it would go best in. As I walked in our guest room, I almost laughed. It would go perfect… AND the guest bed is in much need of some more decorative pillows.
Since the fabric was really heavy and thick, I switched my needle to a size 100/16. The same needle that would be used for denim. 
 I also ended up using denim thread. this might be unnecessary but I wanted to be sure the thread would hold up. 
 I cut out two 19×22 pieces of my fabric, placed them right sides together, pinned the sides, and sewed them together (1/2 inch inseam).
When done sewing, clip the corners. It helps make the corners pointy and not rounded.
 Turn the pillow right side out, stuff it with cotton or fiberfill (which you can buy at Wal-Mart for super cheap), and hand sew your 5 inch hole you left open.
 I actually made two of these. This project seriously only took about 30 minutes.
 I LOVE the way they turned out.
 If you’re looking for a beginner’s project, pillows are the way to go.


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