>Lost and Found


Don’t worry. 
If a neighborhood cat or dog is lost or found, we know about it. 
 Apparently the telephone pole in our yard has become a classified section for all the lost (and found) cats and dogs in central Columbia.
What’s really crazy is that I actually saw the “lost cat” a few days ago in our neighbors back yard. I called the number and left her a message.
Then, AS I WAS WRITING THIS POST the lady came to my door to ask where I saw it. 
Long story short, I found myself in my neighbors back yard, on hands and knees, with a complete stranger, peering into a dark crawlspace, cooing “kitty-kitty-kitty” trying to coax this darn cat out.
No luck. 
Hope the lady finds her kitty. 
She looked like a cat lady.
Can I say that?

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