>Ready or Not… Change Happens


I’ve gotten so busy with crafty stuff that I have neglected updates on our lives! There has been quite a bit of change happening these past few weeks. Let me share some highlights:
The Deep Freeze
Thanks to the generosity of Austin’s grandparents, we now have a deep freezer! I never thought I’d actually be excited about an appliance but I really am!
 We’ve been making an effort to buy produce in season and freeze it for later use. This gift allows us to do this and more!
It filled up fast though. Remember our Alaskan fishing trip?? Well, the salmon and halibut take up over half our space. Guess we need to do some fish eating, huh?
Goodbye Cable
About two months ago, we decided to get rid of cable. 
What we were paying simply wasn’t worth what we were watching. When we tried to cancel, we were informed that there would be a $215.00 cancellation fee. WHAT?! You’re kidding me. We talked to supervisor after supervisor-got disconnected twice when being transferred from person to person-was told there is “no way this fee can be waived”- got told we signed a contract (that we didn’t sign)- etc. When we asked to see the contract that we supposedly signed, they said it would take a “few weeks to process and find it.” A few weeks passed, and no contract surfaced. After calling back multiple times to check on the “processing of our contract,” we finally talked to the right guy who admitted there was no such contract and agreed to waive our cancellation fee. Persistence pays off people!
Communications Director
I now have one and a half jobs. 
I have taken on the role of Communications Director at The Crossing. In addition to my job as Director of Student Ministries, I now am in charge of a gazillion other tasks around the office. 
 I send out a weekly email to 2,000+ people, am a liaison to a graphics company, redesign current graphics and print them, manage and update The Crossing’s Website and a bunch of other odd and ends. I have really enjoyed learning how to work with programs like Photoshop and Indesign. However, the additions to my job description have proven to be stressful. I didn’t realize other people noticed that I’m stressed until the head counselor at The Crossing popped her head in my office and sweetly asked, “Polly, are you OK? You seem a little stressed…”
I forget that I have absolutely no poker face. 
Yes, people, I’m a bit stressed. Perhaps this is the reason for the excessive sewing lately. It calms me down…seriously. Don’t judge me.

Probably one of our biggest changes in life is the beginning of seminary for Austin. Tomorrow is his first day of classes at Covenant Theological Seminary. 
 “Wait, Polly, isn’t Covenant in St. Louis??” Why yes, my friends, it is. Austin will be making the hour and a half commute to St. Louis three days a week. Probably for the next 4-5 years of our life. (Excuse me while I puke over the amount of gas we will be using.) So, tomorrow begins a new stage in our life. I honestly don’t know how to feel about it. I’m for sure excited for Austin. But, at the same time, anxious about the drastic change in lifestyle. Ready or not, tomorrow is coming!

4 thoughts on “>Ready or Not… Change Happens

  1. >I think that I would be excited about a deep freezer as well! I would love to have more freezer space!Also, my hubby is starting Seminary in Jan., we just moved out of state to be closer.Thanks for sharing today!I found you through New Friend Friday!

  2. >Hi! Visiting from New Friend Fridays. I am jealous of your deep freeze… We have a chest freezer that is full, and I can't get to anything on the bottom! We have been considering getting a stand-up version for all our produce and miscellaneous.

  3. >Welcome to STL. I hope the deep freeze works. With the power outings we occasionally get, you might end up bying a generator. Today is also the commencement chapel…a la chance to see all the profs dressed in black. That only happens when one of them gets an award…or, well, dies. May the first happen more and the latter less.Look forwarad to meeting you and your husband.Joel HathawayDir. Alumni and Carerr Serivces

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