>Grandma Curtain Goes Bye Bye


 I got this curtain at Goodwill a few months ago. It was like $.50. At the time, I couldn’t decide if it was cute or something my grandma thought was cute. I hung it up anyway. A few days ago, Austin mentioned that he wasn’t a huge fan of the curtain. In my mind I hear, “You now have an excuse to sew a new curtain for the house.” 
 My mom actually got me this random piece of fabric from a sample store she was in. Isn’t it so cute!?
 Best thing about it… it’s already hemmed! It’s as if someone knew I would be making a curtain out of it someday. 
To make it,  I folded to top down 4 inches and ironed it.
I then just used my yard stick as a guide. 
 I drew two lines and then sewed over them. (The curtain rod will go in between the two lines.)
 I slid it on the rod, used a piece of white fabric to tie it back. Done and done. Project time: 15 minutes.
 Austin was and wasn’t surprised at how fast I replaced the curtain. Any excuse to sew something for the home.

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