>Owl Pillow 2.0


 Made another owl pillow. Inspired by Just Another Hang Up AND many other owl pillows I’ve seen around.  I just love these little guys! I’m seriously just going to start giving them away to the kids I know. Any excuse to keep making them… I already have my next 3 fabrics picked out.
 Here’s a more detailed tutorial on how I made it… if you care. I used the basic idea of from Just Another Hang Up but added some twists to make it my own.
I traced one of my favorite bowls to get the circle for my pattern.
 Got some marker in the edge. Oops.
 To get the cut out at the top, I used a pint can. Thank you tinted-glaze. You have more uses than you know.
 How did you get the wings, you may ask? Again, I used my trusty bowl.

 After all my tracing around bowls and pints of paint, here’s what I ended up with.

 After I traced the pattern on to the fabrics, I cut them out and got sewing. First, I sewed the head to the tummy. I used one of my new sewing machines embroidery stitches to give it a little character.
 After I attached the head and body, I sewed on the wings. Same cool stitch for that. 
I cut out some eyes and a nose from some extra felt I had on hand.
 I used another embroidery stitch to attach the eyes.
 To get those little feet attached:  Lay the completed front side and back side facing together. So the wrong side of the fabric is what you should see. Next, slip those little feet in there. The legs should be along the edge- feet facing in.
 Like this…
 Sew all around the edge of the owl, leaving about 2 inches un-sewn so you can turn the little guy right side out. Stuff it with cotton and hand stitch up the un-sewn spot. You’re done!
 Here is the fabric I chose for the backside.
 Doesn’t he just make you smile!?
 The little feet just seal the deal for me. This is one of my favorite things I’ve made!
 I’m seriously considering taking a risk and attempting to sell these on Etsy. I’ve never done that before so I’m a little hesitant. Any advice would be much appreciated. Even if it’s, “Polly, these things aren’t that good and wouldn’t sell.” I can take it. After 9 years of working with high school students, I can take a little criticism. šŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “>Owl Pillow 2.0

  1. >My sister loves owls. I would buy one for her for her birthday. They are really cute. If you get them on etsy, let me know where. Or let me know a price! šŸ™‚

  2. >I love owls and your pillow is adorable! I just made an owl pillow myself, but it doesn't have feet like yours does and I that they add a really whimiscal touch. I have looked at a LOT of owl pillows on Etsy and yours is one of the cutest designs I've seen! I would definitely recommend that you sell yours!

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