>Thread Catcher


 This little contraption will only make sense to a person who sews a lot. Let me explain.
As you sew, there are constantly little threads and bits of material that accumulate around you. I do have a trash can right by me but those darn little threads seem to fall anywhere BUT the trash can.
 This thing is so handy to have right next to you. AND the pin cushion is heavy enough to keep it in place.
 I got to play with some of the features of my new machine too! I’m LOVING the embroidery stitches.
 I just love my little-buddy-thread-catcher. Just hanging out, waiting to help.
Thread Catcher Tutorial

 Done and Done!


27 thoughts on “>Thread Catcher

  1. >Great tute! My thread catcher is similar though not as pretty as yours. I used velcro on the attaching strap so I can remove the bag to empty it. (Truth is I rarely remember I have that ability and carry the whole thing to the trash anyway!)

  2. >HI, I saw your site in front of mine on New Friend Friday on The Trendy Treehouse. It said to leave a comment and I am so happy this was the first blog of yours I read. I have been looking for a way to catch all my pins and threads and everything as I am new to sewing. This tutorial is amazing!!! Can't wait to see what else you have on here.Miranda

  3. >Great blog! It is so sweet and simple and happy 🙂 Thank you for the comment on my ff post. I am a new follower here and looking forward to reading more! Come back anytime to Life as a Wife!

  4. >Hi! Stopping by from the Funky Junk link-up! Your title caught my eye, as I am a cross stitcher and as I sit in the evening with the family on the sofa, watching tv while I stitch, I know All About those pesky little threads! What a Wonderful Idea! Gotta try this! Thanks so much for the tutorial! ~♥~Kristal

  5. >Very good idea! I know my threads will not end up in the bag anyway, but totally worth a try. LOL! I sometimes have to stop sewing and vaccuum because the number of threads on the floor is ridiculous! Love the pin cushion at the top though. Considering making something like this!

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